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Feature Spotlight: Baby Blues

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Just as schools across the country begin to let out, we're feeling really into Baby Blues, by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott.

Baby Blues is a look at life with the MacPherson clan-- Darryl, Wanda, Zoe, Hamish ("Hammie") and Wren. When Baby Blues began in 1990, Wanda and Darryl were just on the precipice of having their first child: a daughter, Zoe. The family has gotten larger over the years, and now, Baby Blues catches all the frustration and humor of many stages of parenthood.

Zoe is the clever and precocious older sister, who still wants to rule the roost over her younger siblings. Hammie is a bit of a wild card, eager to please but also a bit of a troublemaker,  still adorably naive in is attempts to escape punishment.  Wren, the baby of the family, is just learning to assert herself as she begins her toddler years. 


And Wanda and Darryl have done an impressive job of raising three bright and independent kids while still managing to keep the love alive in their marriage. 







Baby Blues came into being after Rick's second child was born in the late 80s.  He and Jerry had teamed up creatively in the past, but parenthood really seemed to work for them as a schtick.  Jerry, who had no children at the time, saw plenty of humor in the ups and downs of fatherhood that he got to view as a casual observer. He's since raised children of his own, and gotten to add his own experiences to the MacPherson family hijinks. 

We love Baby Blues because it's a comic about parenting that's funny for everyone-- whether you're a parent, a sibling, or simply an onlooker, there's always something to laugh at. All of the characters are lovable and relatable-- even when Hammie's got a new plot up his sleeve, or when Zoe's trying to get her brother punished yet again, we can't help but love them.  And Wanda and Darryl may not be the perfect parents, but they're always trying their best and their love shines through. 


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