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Feature Spotlight: DeFlocked

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Spring's come to Lubberland Farms, so we decided to spend this week checking in on our fuzzy friends over at DeFlocked, by Jeff Corriveau.

DeFlocked follows the hijinks of a band of (sometimes) lovable misfits who come together to form a sort of ragtag family. Jeff's off-kilter brand of humor and clever characters keep it fresh and surprising.

While most strips featuring animals tend to pull at our heartstrings, DeFlocked is more likely to pull our legs...especially thanks to Mamet, the sheep for whom DeFlocked is named.


Mamet is an outcast among his kind, a sheep without a flock, a mutton without a mate-- but always determined to find one.  

Did I say determined? Maybe I meant desperate.


Mamet's  irreverence (and, let's face it, downright rudeness) hamstrings of the efforts of the two farm dogs: the responsible, caring Cobb and sweet, loyal Rupert. 


 His antics seem less deliberately malicious than they are oblivious to the world around him-- he has a one track mind and the only thing on Mamet's route is Mamet.  This isn't always in the best interests of Tucker, the foundling human child whom Cobb and Rupert are trying to raise as best as they can. 


 We love DeFlocked for always being capable of carefully walking that line between being cheeky and contemptuous, and for well-rounded characters who aren't perfect, but whom you can't help loving anyway-- even Mamet!  (That's right, Mamet-- someone loves you! But I'd better not say it too loud, or I might have to change my address...)

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