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Feature Spotlight: Rhymes With Orange

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Nothing rhymes with Orange, unless you live in a very particular region of the United States and say "door hinge" really fast. But that hasn't stopped Hilary Price from drawing one of the funniest strips in the world for over twenty years.  This week, we're reading Rhymes With Orange, the four-time winner of the Silver Reuben award for best syndicated cartoon panel.

Rhymes With Orange can't be summed up with a simple catchphrase-- every strip is special in its own way. Hilary's cartoons run the gamut of themes, from pets to work to childhood to relationships to pop culture, and it's amazing to see how facile she is with so many different subjects. 

One of my favorite things about reading Rhymes With Orange is that it's always a surprise, and I never know what to expect. In a week of cartoons, Hilary might deliver anything from puns based on literary classics to a single image perfectly encapsulating a ubiquitous childhood fear. And every single cartoon is pitch perfect. 

Rhymes With Orange is immediately identifiable not only by Hilary's fresh, simple art, but also by its one-of-a-kind panel design. Every Rhymes With Orange daily cartoon has a title panel at the lefthand side of the cartoon, often with a tiny lead-in cartoon of its own, that is often a full-fledged  punchline it its own right, reminiscent of the old "topper" cartoons from the big Sunday funnies pages of days of yore. The title is usually a joke in and of itself, and often adds another dimension to the main cartoon. 


Hilary's blog, at, is worth a read as well-- chock full of fun little vignettes from the life of one of the very best contemporary cartoonists. And Hilary has a newsletter, too, so you can sign up to receive her tales by email!


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