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Feature Spotlight: Buckles

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It's National Dog Biscuit Day, so let's all say hi to one of our favorite pooches here at Comics Kingdom: Buckles, by David Gilbert!





Buckles is a comic about a playful, innocent, and sometimes mischievous pup who lives with his humans, Paul and Jill.  


Buckles is drawn by David Gilbert, a lifelong fan of comics and cartoons of all kinds, who dreamed of being a syndicated cartoonist from the very first time he discovered that that was a job that a person could hold!  He worked diligently throughout his youth and early career to improve his craft before creating Buckles in 1994-- and in 1996, Buckles was introduced to readers around the world in his very own strip! 


Buckles is a fun-loving, good-hearted little dog who sometimes can't help but misbehave, but always tries his best. He's very much a "kid" to his owners, Paul and Jill, a young couple who love their furry friend.  His other friends include Arden, a bird who lives in the yard, and who trades stories of life in the wild for Buckles' stories about domestic life, and his very own Flea.  Of course, Buckles is no stranger to romance, and has long carried a torch for the neighborhood fire hydrant, Irene.  


Buckles can be found here on Comics Kingdom as well as on his very own website at

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