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Feature Spotlight: Arctic Circle

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Every day, cartoonist Alex Hallatt channels her love of science and nature into Arctic Circle, her fantastic comic strip about three penguins and their friends navigating modern life and environmental issues.  







Oscar, Gordo, and Ed, the three little stars of Arctic Circle, can be tough to distinguish at first glance, but you can tell them apart by their "hairstyles."  Oscar's the "cheeky" one of the trio, often looking to impress people and get others to like him.  Gordo-- the penguin with the little "bumps" on his head is the more laid back penguin, who often has an answer to problems.  Ed, the penguin with little "antennae" is the more nervous of the three, and the geek of the bunch- -he's fascinated by the latest tech!


These three penguins are often faced with the issues that hit closest to home for three Antarctic critters: rising temperatures and climate change as it affects their environment. But their story covers many more topics than that! The penguins are always learning new things about science and nature-- though they sometimes need a little help along the way: 


 They live with their friends, Hector, the shrewed Arctic Business Tern, Howard the smartypants snow bunny, Frank the polar bear, and Lenny, a lemming who is often wiser than he seems. 


Watching the critters of Arctic Circle is both informative, hilarious, and a great look at so many aspects of modern-day life! We love Arctic Circle for teaching us so much about the world around us without ever feeling condescending or preachy. 


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