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Editor's Dispatch: Pet Photo Day!

Hi, all! It's National Pet Photo Day! What a fun holiday!  I'd love to share a picture of my favorite pets with you! 


 These are my newest chickens! They're still very young-- just a couple of months old, now!  Even though they're normal chicken-color, they aren't fully grown, and they still peep instead of clucking. But they sure are pretty!

Of course, pets are so important to the comics pages-- some of the best comics are all about our relationships with our pets.  Here are a few recent favorites about pets for you to enjoy!

 Buckles by David GIlbert
 Rhymes With Orange by Hilary Price


 Take it From the Tinkersons by Bill Bettwy


 Mutts by Patrick McDonnell


 Intelligent Life by David Reddick


 Mother Goose & Grimm by Mike Peters


We'd love to see your pets as well!

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