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Hi, Vintage Fans,

The first round of VINTAGE MADNESS  2016 was legendary! It was a very tight match-up and every vote counted…

JUNGLE JIM advances to the next round while MR. ABERNATHY is going back into the archives . . . at least for now. As to the other contenders, everyone’s favorite mischief maker, DENNIS THE MENACE, beat out JUDD SAXON; the mighty Viking HAGAR THE HORRIBLE won the battle against DR. KILDARE; and REX MORGAN, M.D. bested SALLY FORTH.

Thanks to all who voted!

In this week’s all-NEW VINTAGE MADNESS bout, we pit DENNIS THE MENACE against heavyweight HAGAR THE HORRIBLE … and the urbane REX MORGAN, M.D. against the famous hunter, JUNGLE JIM.

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Voting for this second round begins TODAY, Thursday, April 7 and runs through 11:59 p.m. on Monday, April 11, 2016. On Thursday, April 14, the TWO comics with the most user votes at the end of the round will be announced in Ask the Archivist and will advance to the final round as contenders for the next entry in our Comics Kingdom’s Vintage Comics line-up.

The Vintage Comics section is accessible to Royal members only, BUT any user can access the Vintage archives for FREE with a seven-day trial subscription

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And lest you think your comments were forgotten? On to the Mail Bag!


To all the fans--

I’m not allowed to influence your voting, but we have some worthy competitors here. There are some titles that we just never can get to because in some cases, such as Rusty Riley or Red Barry, we just don’t have enough files. Others, such as The Lone Ranger or Steve Canyon, we have files on but, because we don’t own the rights, we can’t use them.

To Katherine Collins-

I did an entry on the Colonel a while back:

It was intended to run as a top comic for Blondie, although some papers (like The Philadelphia Inquirer) perversely ran it below, on their cover for several years in the 1940s-50s.


The KFS Archivist.

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