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Editor's Dispatch: Time To Get A New Watch!!!!

What time is it when the elephant sits on the watch?!

Time to get one of these excellent new watches from Modify!




Modify is a really cool watchmaker creating mix-and-match watch designs, where you can customize your watch face and band!  And now they've created two awesome new collections featuring Betty Boop and Popeye!  There are five faces to choose from featuring each character, and over twenty different straps, for hundreds of different combinations!

You can check out the Popeye Modify Watch Collection here and the Betty Boop Modify Watch Collection here! 

In other news, it's National Blood Donor Month in the U.S., and we'd just like to remind you all to give if you can! 


 Finally, last but not least, remember to check out On The Fastrack on this Friday, January 15!  Bill Holbrook let us know that Dethany is expecting a special-- and very famous-- guest you'll all appreciate!!!

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