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Editor's Dispatch: New Years COMICS Resolutions!

Ahoy, Comics Kingdom!

We're looking out at the start of a great new year!

I'm not one for making New Year's Resolutions, myself-- but when you have all these great comics just a click away, why not use the new year as a reason to take advantage of them?!

1) Read a comic you've never read before! 

We know that many of you stick to your tried and true favorites, but why not take an opportunity to poke around and find somethng new?

2) Read a comic from the beginning of the archive!

Last year, we expanded the Comics Kingdom archives a LOT! Many of them have over ten years of great comics available to Royal subscribers.  Why not check out what your favorite cartoonist was doing back in 2005?!   Or see how a new favorite began!

3) Read a classic comic from the vintage archive!

Vintage comics take it all the way back to the beginning.  See the strips that influenced your favorite current comic strips-- and books-- and give yourself the gift of a lesson in comics history by choosing any one of our amazing vintage comics to read!

4) Check out comics from a special day!

With so many titles to choose from, you can pick an important day in your life and read all of the comics from that day in particular.  Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or other important life moment, you can see what different cartoonists were thinking about on your special day.  

5) Search the archives for your favorite theme!

Why not use Comics Kingdom's search feature to look for something you love and read all of the comics on the site related to that subject?  Sure, if  your hobby is antelope wrestling, you might be in trouble, but whether you love nature, football, cooking, or, hey, even comics, there's plenty to keep you busy! 

Every day is a great day to start reading more comics, but, hey, when all your friends ask you what YOUR resolution is this year, don't you want have the resolution that lets you have the most fun?! 

Happy 2016!!!! 

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