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Tuesday’s Top Ten Comics for the NEW YEAR

Hello, Royal Readers,

As the year draws to a close, we wanted to thank you for your loyalty and wish you a very Happy and Healthy 2016. We hope you enjoy our Tuesday's Top Ten Comics for the New Year!


1. Arthur points out that greeting the New Year can be a bit difficult at retail.

Retail, January  3, 2015
Retail, January 3, 2015

2. Maeve, Susan and Kim greet the New Year in a very beautiful way.

Between Friends, January  1, 2015
Between Friends, January 1, 2015

3. Darryl fantasizes about wild New Year’s Eve party.

Baby Blues, December 31, 2013
Baby Blues, December 31, 2013

4. In the world of Shoe, things are guaranteed to go a bit awry.

Shoe, December 29, 2013
Shoe, December 29, 2013

5. Dolly isn’t quite sure about Daddy ringing in the New Year.

Family Circus, January  1, 2013
Family Circus, January 1, 2013

6. Marvin gets an unexpected reaction to his New Year’s greeting.

Marvin, January  1, 2011
Marvin, January 1, 2011
Arctic Circle, January 1, 2013
Arctic Circle, January 1, 2013

8. Maybe the Kudlicks need a different plan for next New Year’s Eve.

Dustin, December 31, 2014
Dustin, December 31, 2014

9. Blondie has her hands full getting Dagwood ready in time for the New Year’s Eve party.

Blondie, December 31, 2014
Blondie, December 31, 2014

10. Jeremy thinks Connie and Walt are a bit overprotective when it comes to his New Year’s Eve party.

Zits, December 31, 2014
Zits, December 31, 2014

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