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Editor's Dispatch: Two Happy Anniversaries!

We have two very special comic birthdays coming up this week! 

First off, Pros & Cons is celebrating ten years!  That's a whole decade of our pals at Defoe's Diner:


 ...Some people STILL never learn.

Happy birthday to Stan, Sophie, Sam, Lyndon, and Ms. Jaggers! And of course congratulations to the always-funny Kieran Meehan.  Thanks for ten years of great jokes!

And, a truly monumental achievement: Beetle Bailey is sixty-five!!!  That's one heck of a long time to be in basic training, Beetle! Maybe now they'll finally let you see some action.

Or maybe "action" is relative, considering you're probably taking a nap right now.

Here's an illustration of the gang from Mort Walker, who is still going strong, 65 years into the game.  Congratulations, Mort!



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