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News Around the Kingdom: Betty Boop Classic Comic Strip Collection

Did you know that classic animated cartoon heroine had her own comic strip? This week, the Comics Kingdom blog featured a week-long series on the upcoming publication of “The Definitive Betty Boop: The Classic Comic Strip Collection” by Titan Books and available for purchase on September 15, 2015. Learn more about the collection by reading this interview with the book’s editor, David Leach.  Betty Boop and comics fans can pre-order a copy at here

Betty Boop Classic Comic Strip Collection
Betty Boop Classic Comic Strip Collection

In other news,

Real life inspires art and John Hambrock’s family vacation inspires the current “The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee” storyline.

It took a while for Mort Walker to decide how many teeth Sarge of “Beetle Bailey” would have and where they would be located in his mouth. Brian Walker shares a funny post on Mort Walker’s “toothless” decision-making process.

Meanwhile, over at, Brian Walker expresses the challenges that arise in making a comic strip in which the characters don’t age, especially one that has been around for more than sixty years.

David Reddick (“Intelligent Life”) shares a secret ambition and it involves his love of science fiction.

David Reddick
David Reddick "Intelligent Life" sketch art

Rina Piccolo loves jamming with other cartoonists … and she shares her work on her new Instagram account!

Sandra Bell-Lundy (“Between Friends”) briefly talks about the limitations of what cartoonists can say in a newspaper comic strip.

Finally, rest in peace Yvonne Craig (a.k.a. Batgirl). Jim Keefe has posted a lovely tribute on in her memory.

Sally Forth tribute art to Batgirl and Yvonne Craig
Sally Forth tribute art to Batgirl and Yvonne Craig

Thanks for catching up on News Around the KIngdom! 

See you again next Friday! Have a great week!

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