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Twenty Years of Rhymes With Orange

Congratulations Hilary Price on TWENTY YEARS of Rhymes With Orange!

This coming Friday marks the 20th anniversary of Rhymes with Orange.  It's certainly been a big year for Hilary and Rhymes: Hilary won her divisional "Silver Reuben" this year for Best Syndicated Comic Panel, and she was nominated for Cartoonist of the year, as well.  

It's pretty exciting to think that there are twenty whole years of Rhymes With Orange cartoons to enjoy.  Here's the very first one, from June 19, 1995-- still funny today!

 Why hasn't anyone done anything about this in twenty years, is what I want to know!

Things have changed a lot in twenty years: here's a look at how the "everywoman" character of Rhymes With Orange has evolved since 1995:

We're so thrilled for Hilary, and hope to see twenty more years of amazing comics. In the meantime, every single one of the Rhymes With Orange comics are available over on, so you can celebrate by reading from the beginning!

In other exciting news, Tom Batiuk of Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft received the bronze medal in the Independent Publisher Book Awards for his new Crankshaft book!  Check out the book here!

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