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Editor's Dispatch: Carpe Diem is Coming



Big news here on Comics Kingdom!

Next week, we'll be launching the award-winning Swedish comic Carpe Diem by Niklas Eriksson right here on CK.  This is Carpe Diem's US debut, and we couldn't be more excited to have Niklas aboard. 

 Niklas, a seasoned moose-milker and bear-wrestler,  seizes the timeless absurdities that happen in daily situations and casts them with a unique voice and vision.   We hope you'll enjoy his hilarious single-panel comic strips about any conceivable day – from the dawn of the universe, to the ages of dinosaurs, knights, and witches, to modern-day couch potatoes, and beyond!

Speaking of days, we had a very special day here at King Features last week, when we invited all the kids visiting as part of "Take Your Child To Work Day" to a special cartooning workshop with our Creative Director,  Frank Caruso.

Frank talked to them all about what makes a good comic and taught them how to draw Popeye and Betty Boop!





What fun!  Remember, you can attend next year if you can get a Hearst employee to pretend you're their child!



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