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Editor's Dispatch: World Spay Day!

Tomorrow is World Spay Day!

We at Comics Kingdom love our pets, as you probably know from the number of pet comics we post.   But there's nobody who loves animals quite like Patrick McDonnell of Mutts, and this year, as always, he's campaigning to remind you all to spay and neuter your pets. 

Every year, Patrick creates a special comic for World Spay Day, and you'll be able to see tomorrow's right here on Comics Kingdom!

Here's a collection of past years' comics:

 We've also got exciting news from Tom Batiuk of Funky Winkerbean

The latest Funky Winkbean Collection, Funky Winkerbean Volume 4 is now available for purchase online!  This beautiful hardcover collection covers all the strips from 1981-1983. 


 I love these collections so much, and I hope you do, too!  It's the best way to read great vintage Funky strips. 

Have an excellent week! 

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