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Ask a Cartoonist: Inktober

If you're a cartoonist or illustrator, you might have already heard about the Inktober Initiative, a challenge during which artists draw an ink drawing each day of the month.

Several King Features cartoonists took part this year, and a few more wanted to get in on the fun by sending along an ink drawing they'd done at a different time.

This ink and ink wash drawing was done on clayboard with a brush-- I've always loved drawing on super smooth surfaces. Clayboard and ink are a great duo to work with.


 --Rina Piccolo, Tina's Groove and Six Chix

I found about Inktober too late, but I've been busy inking up drawings for a magazine article about puberty!


--Alex Hallatt, Arctic Circle


--Mort Walker, Beetle Bailey

I did a bunch of them, still am doing more, you can see them on my tumblr.

--Mike Manley, Judge Parker

--Jonathan Mahood, Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog

Does ink and some color count? Here’s a takeoff on a BRAVE AND BOLD comic cover I did for a fan.

--Ron Ferdinand, Dennis the Menace


--Stephanie Piro, Six Chix

One of my #Inktober drawings - my take on Medusa (and an ode to the Halloween season!), drawn with fountain pen in my sketchbook. I LOVE drawing with pen on paper, there's nothing like having fun with a juicy sketch full of lots of little detail and crosshatching!


--David Reddick, Intelligent Life

Did you take part in Inktober?  Let us know where we can see your drawings! 

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