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Welcome back to the wacky world of vintage comics! It’s hard to believe, but Mike Peters’ “Mother Goose & Grimm” has reached its’ thirtieth birthday! It all started on 1 October 1984, when it was then syndicated by Tribune Media.

From the start, Peters has used the characters of fairy tales and nursery rhymes to satirize popular culture, so it was a natural choice to give a starring role to Mother Goose.

Readers of the strip are familiar with her companions, Grimm, a strange, misshapen mutt with an insatiable appetite; Attila, the cat; and Ralph, the wall-eyed terrier. However, when the strip started, Mother Goose and Grimmy lived with Ham, a somewhat timid straight man/pig, and Wendell, a goofy, gullible little boy.

Here are some samples of the strip from the first year, when Grimmy looked far different.  To see current episodes, click HERE.


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