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Editor's Dispatch: Make a Hat Day!

Hi, all!  Today is National Make a Hat Day, so I am taking a moment to indulge in some childhood nostalgia! 


 Look at my awesome paper hat covered with comics!  

It's a great day to do this-- after all, you've got your Sunday comics section left over from yesterday-- or I bet you can poach your neighbor's.  

It's also Talk Like a Pirate Day on Friday, so you can be EXTRA PREPARED.  It is a little-known fact that infamous French pirate François L'Ollonais would eat the hearts of his enemies whilst reading the Sunday Funnies.  Here is my historically accurate rendition of one of his attacks:


 And of course, for additional accuracy, you can make a hat for your tiny Krazy Kat pirate henchman as well:


 Have a great week!!! 

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