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Tuesday's Top Ten Comics: Teddy Bears!

In honor of Teddy Bear Day, we rounded up ten great comics about teddy bears!

1. “Bizarro” shows how teddy bears get made.


2. Letting go of childhood is hard for one character in “Arctic Circle.”

3. “Mutts” shows the unbreakable bond between a cat and his teddy bear.


 4. “Rhymes With Orange” imagines what goes on when teddy bears have a picnic.


5. Tina of “Tina's Groove” needs a bigger bed to fit all her teddy bears.


 6. Darryl in “Baby Blues” hasn't mastered nightime baby feedings yet.


7. Sherman in “Sherman's Lagoon” has nothing to hide ... or does he?


 8. Times are changing in “Baby Blues,” but teddy bears are forever.


 9. Marvin can't believe that his friend Warren still plays with teddy bears!


 10. Even “Hagar the Horrible” finds comfort in a teddy bear!


Enjoy Teddy Bear Day with your favorite furry friend or companion!

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