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Tuesday's Top Ten: Pets and their Owners!

In honor of Mutts' 20th anniversary this week, we rounded up ten great comics that celebrate the special bond between animals and their guardians!

1. Billy from Family Circus sweetly caters to his pet's needs:

2. Grimmy from Mother Goose & Grimm is trying to be a great pet owner himself:

3. Dolly from Family Circus is hoping to make Kittycat a star:

4. Six Chix shows how pet and owners can share everything...even clothes:

5. The Baby Blues kids have strong bonds with even their hypothetical pets:
6. Hägar the Horrible's son had a different idea than his father on what kind of pet to get:
7. Bizarro puts a new spin on pet ownership:

8. Rhymes with Orange shows a funny "conversation" with her dog:

9. Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog might be a non-traditional pet, but he and his owner have an unbreakable bond:

10. And finally, Mutts always reminds us of the sweet relationship between people and their pets:

Happy 20th Anniversary, Mutts!

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