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Tuesday's Top Ten: Video Game Comics!

Every Tuesday, we post 10 comics on a theme. Today is Video Games Day, so today's comics are all about video games!

Do you know who loves video games? Skip and Mike from "Intelligent Life"! Be sure to check out this fun new addition to our comics line-up, that celebrates the world of geek and pop culture!

And now, on to video game comics!

1. Fitch from Dustin is having trouble figuring out how to play Call of Duty:

 2. What does this American Guy Doll in Mother Goose & Grimm have?:

 3. Curtis has an idea for a new video game:

 4. Seems to be a problem with this customer's video game purchase in Retail:

 5. Rhymes with Orange shows us one way real life differs from a video game:

 6. Baby Blues demonstrates what kids hear when you give them video game advice:

 7. This Six Chix comic shows a new kind of video game:

 8. Skip from Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog has a question about this video game:

9. But video games are always the answer, right? This Sherman's Lagoon strip explains:

10. And finally, Connie from Zits wants to know if the boys will ever be finished:

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