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Tuesday's Top Ten: Soccer Comics!

Every Tuesday, we post 10 comics on a theme. In honor of the World Cup, today's comics are all about soccer!

1. Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog shows the one kind of soccer goalie that cannot be beat:


2. Zoe from Baby Blues shows us the "game within the game":


3. This Six Chix comic demostrates what a Soccer Mom's car can look like:


4. What happens when you grow too old to play soccer? Marvin & Family explains:


5. Sometimes playing soccer comes at the expense of laundry, as seen in this Baby Blues comic:


6. Lots of negotiation is involved in figuring out who drives the carpool in Pajama Diaries:


7. And even then, having a child who plays soccer means a lot of driving for the Pajama Diaries parents:


8. Over in Sally Forth, there are some reflections if soccer season was spent the best way:


9. Skip from Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog knows orange slices are a big part of soccer success:


10. And finally, the Baby Blues family has very different reactions to watching Zoe's soccer game:

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