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Editor's Dispatch: Mallard Fillmore, Isabella Bannerman, Memorial Day, and Father's Day

I'd like to start off by wishing all of our U.S.-based readers a very happy Memorial Day, and to acknowledge the service and sacrifice of the service men and women we honor today.

Here's a Mallard Fillmore cartoon from a previous Memorial Day to reflect on the spirit of the holiday before we go enjoy our barbecue and time with our families.  As someone with a number of family members currently in the Armed Services, this is a very important day to us, and I know it's an important day for many of you, too.  

 It's doubly-appropriate that I'm summoning up Mallard in a moment where I think we can all agree with his sentiment, as it was twenty years ago on Memorial Day, 1994, that Mallard Fillmore joined the staff of WFDR-TV, where his conservatism was just about as abnormal as his, well, aquatic-bird-life-ism.

So, naturally, congratulations to Bruce Tinsley on 20 years in the papers!  

I'd also like to give a very special shout-out to Isabella Bannerman of Six Chix, who won the coveted NCS award for best comic strip this weekend!  Congratulations, Isabella!  (We'll catch up more with her when she's done celebrating her victory...)  

Finally-- and I'm keeping this short, due to the holiday-- I'd like to wish you all the best!  But, before I go, I just wanted to remind you all that Father's Day is on its way, and we've put together a little page of Father's Day Gift Ideas for those of you who have dads or granddads who love comics!  Check it out here! 

Happy Memorial Day, once again! 

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