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Tuesday's Top Ten: Movie Comics!

Every Tuesday, we post 10 comics on a theme. After Sunday's Oscars and yesterday's blog post, we caught movie fever and this week we look at top ten comics about movies!

1. Hmm. What's missing from the Baby Blues parents' date?


2. Oh no! What movie character is kidnapped in this Mother Goose & Grimm strip?

 3. Leroy from the Lockhorns is worried his wife is taking so long, they will miss the film!

 4. Did Pardon My Planet discover a new awards show category?

 5. Just what is needed for a movie date? This Beetle Bailey strip explains:

 6. Thwick! Jeremy's feet got sticky in this Zits strip:

 7. Billy from Family Circus remembers some past "Best Picture" winners:

 8. Dagwood tells Blondie one of his favorite things about movies:

 9. Oscar dreams abound in this Barney Google and Snuffy Smith strip:

 10. And finally, Dustin's dad just loves relaxing on the couch with a classic movie genre:

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