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Top Tuesday Comics: Jay Kennedy's Influence

This week is the 7th anniversary of the untimely passing of Jay Kennedy, the celebrated, long-standing comics editor at King Features. Today we will reflect on the legacy he left behind on the comics pages by focusing on the comic strips he launched while the comics editor here at King Features.

Below are early strips of the great comic strips launched under Jay's tenure.

1. Between Friends, 1994:

 2. Mutts, 1994:

 3. Mallard Fillmore, 1994:

 4. Buckles, 1996:

 5. Zits, 1997:

 6. Sherman's Lagoon, 1998:

 7. Rhymes with Orange, 1999:

8. Six Chix, 2000:

 9. Edge City, 2001:

10. Tina's Groove, 2002:

11. Mother Goose & Grimm, 2003:


12. Bizarro, 2004:









13. Todd the Dinosaur, 2004:

 14. Pros & Cons, 2005:


 15. Heaven's Love Thrift Shop, 2006:

16. Retail, 2006:


17. Pajama Diaries, 2006:

 18. The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee, 2006:

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