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News Around the Kingdom: Kids' Comic-Con and the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning

Greetings Comics Kingdom Readers!

This week, Hagar the Horrible eagerly awaited the return of Ragnar and his clan in the Second Season Premiere of “Vikings” on the History Channel.

Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman announce the publication of their second illustrated young adult novel, “Shredded.” Word is it is flying off bookstore shelves and cluttering up lockers in high schools across America.

At, there is a must-see Popeye tattoo that simply elevates the artistry of body art.

At, one couple showed their love for one another and their favorite comics couple in a completely unique and creative way.

Over at the “Bizarro” blog, a Care Bear makes an appearance and the elephant in the room makes a big discovery.

Rina Piccolo posts her first, and definitely not her last, cartoon video titled “My Root Canal.”

John Rose does some rock hopping and ink slinging in this week’s “Snuffy Smith” blog post.

Jonathan Mahood, in his travels, finds good reason to go home and just snack in “Don’t Mess With Winter.”

Both Norm Feuti and John Hambrock announce the kick-off of the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning fundraising campaign. Show your support and get a one-of-a-kind collectible commemorative coin.  

Terri Libenson will be participating in Lake Erie Ink’s second annual Kids’ Comic Con in Cleveland Heights on Saturday, March 8 as a speaker and workshop instructor.

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