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Movember Gets a Boost from “Bizarro” Cartoonist Dan Piraro

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Throughout the month of November, Bizarro cartoonist Dan Piraro will be adding a little levity to a serious subject: men’s health. He will be hiding moustaches in unexpected places in his daily comic strip, Bizarro, as a way of creating awareness of Movember, the global men’s health charity encouraging men to grow and women to support the Mo (moustache) for the 30 days of November.  Through the power of the moustache, awareness and funds are raised for men’s health to combat prostate and testicular cancer.


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As part of his support of the Movember movement, Piraro – who sports his own elaborate moustache – has also become an ambassador and “mo-mentor.” Dan is known for inserting “secret symbols” into his artwork, such as eyeballs, sticks of dynamite and slices of pie. In addition to incorporating moustaches randomly into his comic strip, Piraro is embracing Movember by encouraging discussions about men’s health via his “Bizarro Blog,”. He will also provide comic relief by posting photos of his own moustache in various styles. Piraro’s blog may be found at found at Additionally, he has registered at and created his own MoSpace page at

In the U.S., programs directed by the Movember Foundation are focused on awareness and education, living with and beyond cancer, and research to achieve their vision of an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health. Participation is really simple – men and women register at to grow or support the Mo.  Men start November 1 clean-shaven and grow their moustache for 30 days, getting friends, family and colleagues to donate to their Mo-growing efforts.

Bizarro appears in more than 350 newspapers and is distributed by King Features Syndicate.




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