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Ask the Archivist: Thanksgiving With Blondie and Dagwood Bumstead

Today, we show a scene from the first year of the Bumsteads’ married life in “BLONDIE,” specifically their honeymoon Thanksgiving in 1933.

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Reader Email

To Tom Ferreira:

“RIBBONS AND HAYWIRE” was perhaps too simple, the gags were mainly of the precocious statements/ambitions genre that are usually the staple of kids in strips. I don’t know why it was, but the last episode of all was the Sunday of 21 April 1985, the day after the daily shown last week. It showed Walter, raking leaves, getting a stiff neck that makes him have to hold his head back. People gather around trying to see what he’s looking at. Well, guess that’s not happening in Florida, so it seems out of place. They should have had a wrap-up there too.

We will do some “FLOP FAMILY” stuff soon. Thanks for the suggestion.

Have a very happy, tasty Thanksgiving! See you at the Black Friday sales.


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