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Week in Review: November 16, 2012

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Brrr, it’s getting cold out there!

New York City officially had its first snow of the season last Wednesday and we’re very excited to finally have an excuse to break out the hot cocoa!

Hilary Price of RHYMES WITH ORANGE has taken a snow day (or a few), while Rina Piccolo fills in as guest artist over there:

The first snow landed over in CRANKSHAFT, and our cranky old school bus driver is just delighted:

But the birds have gone south for the winter, and Mooch and Earl of MUTTS are missing their friends:

And Dagwood of BLONDIE is getting ready for the holidays in ways only he understands:

We’re seeing a lot of holiday preparation in full swing. CURTIS is disappointed to hear that the cousins are coming:

While Jill of THE PAJAMA DIARIES is preparing for a long, long drive to visit her parents for Thanksgiving:

Over in DEFLOCKED, there’s a debate going on about the ethics of eating turkey:

While Hillary of SALLY FORTH has skipped past Thanksgiving and is worried that her plans to spend Christmas with her boyfriend may be dashed:

Meanwhile, RETAIL has you covered for all your holiday shopping needs with a handy-dandy guide to the most useless holiday gifts available at Grumbel’s this year! Get ready for Black Friday, everybody!

We’ll be gone for Thanksgiving next week, so enjoy. Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday to all those of you who celebrate!

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