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DailyINK Goes 3D!

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We’re taking the funny pages to a whole new level DailyINK fans. Starting May 1st, all our comics are going 3D. You can look forward to Hagar’s horns, Dagwood’s monster sandwiches, and Jeremy’s ever-growing stack of dirty laundry to jump (or fall) off the screen and into your home.

Just like a trip to the IMAX movie theater, you’ll need a pair of our special “3D Comic Readers” to view your favorite comics. We’re offering all DailyINK members one free pair, with additional sets available for purchase ($10/pair).

Using our “3D Comic Readers” is simple. We’ve been enjoying them around the office and can’t wait for you to try them out!

>>Click here to submit your shipping information to receive your “3D Comic Readers”<<

Starting May 1st you’ll need these special glasses to continue enjoying our comics in their new 3D format.



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