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Editor’s Dispatch: 75 Years of PRINCE VALIANT

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the epic Sunday comic strip, PRINCE VALIANT. You may have noticed a cleverly scripted installment yesterday that allowed Gary Gianni to draw in a crowd of memorable characters who have passed through over the years. If you were paying close attention you may have also noticed the insertion of Val’s creator, Mr. Hal Foster – take a look along the right side of this panel:

Beginning with Foster, followed by John Murphy and Cullen Murphy, then Gary Gianni and Mark Schultz, PRINCE VALIANT has been produced by such wonderfully talented men over the years. At the hands of these creative wizards, VAL has offered an unparalleled comic strip experience from its beginning through today. And it will surely continue to delight for many more years. As editor, I’m proud to have been a part of the tradition. I’m particularly tickled that I’ve been able to work with Gary and Mark the past few years – I hate to reveal the age difference between me and these gents, but I grew up admiring them. I remember meeting Gary at a comic convention when I was in high school – he drew a sketch of THE SHADOW for me at that convention. I still have it.

I speak for all of King Features when I say that we are endlessly pleased to have represented PRINCE VALIANT for these 75 years – it’s one of the greatest, boldest, most excellent comics in the history of the medium. And the adventure continues…

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