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Editor’s Dispatch: GIL!

Today is January 2nd, 2012, and it is the first release date of Norm Feuti’s new comic, GIL. We’re really thrilled about this one – it feels like a special comic that will have a long and healthy life, enjoyed by many readers. Here’s the first strip:

As some of you know, GIL started out as a web comic that Norm independently posted for a couple years. It was very well-received by a dedicated core of readers during that time, and all along I wished I could find a way to introduce it to the King Features ranks. The planets finally aligned, and that opportunity presented itself last year, so we signed up Norm for a period of development that has led to today’s launch. If you would like to read about the GIL development process, I invite you to visit the blog that Norm and I wrote over the last few months – it’s a neat little peek behind the scenes of the development of a comic strip. And there’s a great episode of Tall Tale Radio hosted by Tom Racine, featuring Norm and me talking about the comic.

Let’s all give Norm an e-pat on the back and congratulate him on the launch of GIL. Now go bookmark your DailyINK queue with this fine little comic strip!

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