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Supporting Cast: Thanksgiving Wishes!

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All over the United States, folks are “recovering” from Thanksgiving Day. Whether you’re cleaning up from a big feast, volunteering at a food pantry, or braving the crowds for Black Friday bargains, we all have something to be thankful for today. Here’s what some of your favorite characters here on DailyINK are thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend:

“Lu Ann Powers is thankful that she has finally been united with her real mother. Our girl has never been happier.”
-Margaret Shulock, APARTMENT 3-G

“Zippy the Pinhead is thankful for wacky Republican Presidential hopefuls like Rick Perry and Herman Cain because they make him feel he is not alone.”

“Grimmy is thankful for mailmen, trash cans and trees…but not in that order.”

“This Thanksgivin’, like ev’ry Thansgivin’ b’fore, Snuffy Smith is thankful fer all his neighbors’ bodacious chickens…(which he loves to steal!)”

“Mr. Wilson is thankful Dennis is an only child.”

“The 21st Phantom gives thanks for having found and freed Diana, the love of his life. She had been falsely incarcerated in the worst prison in Rhodia. And he’s thankful that the Wambesi tribe agreed to guard the secret jail he set up to hold a Wambesi who went bad in a big way, the Phantom’s most formidable enemy, Chatu, aka, the Python.”

“Frank the Polar Bear is thankful for food of any kind, even vegetarians.”
–Alex Hallatt, ARCTIC CIRCLE

“Samantha is thankful to be spending the holiday with her boyfriend, Dave, a visit that is slightly complicated by the arrival of 5-year-old Leonardo da Vinci from the year 1457.

“Dethany is thankful that her mother has arrived at the office. About the reason for the visit being a brutal negotiation session with the CEO Ms. Trellis…not so much.”

“Mary is thankful this year for the opportunities she’s had to give…from playing a part in Adrian and Scott’s wedding success to helping Drew deal with the unwanted attentions of a misdirected admirer to encouraging the reunion of long separated true loves. She sees helping others as an opportunity to make the world a better place, her world and the world at large, for she knows they are one and the same.”
–Karen Moy, MARY WORTH

“Dag is grateful that he lives in a country where he is free to worship God without fear of religious persecution. May it ever be so!”

“Ms. Calculation is grateful for the discovery that by the time she pays for refrigeration, heating the oven, and spices, she is better off buying a pre-cooked turkey.”
–Isabella Bannerman, THE SIX CHIX

“The SHOE comic strip gang unanimously agree they are eternally thankful that by Thanksgiving next year they won’t have to listen to any more idiots running for president.”
–Chris Cassatt, SHOE

“Michelle Grant is thankful that Thanksgiving is the one day of the year she is certain not to see Curtis because he’ll be too busy at home eating turkey and stuffin’ with his family!”
–Ray Billingsley, CURTIS

“Jeremy is thankful for brand-new guitar strings, freshly strung and tuned to perfection. Oh… and volume knobs.”
–Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman, ZITS

“Loretta is thankful that Leroy is one of a kind…and that there aren’t more like him.”

“Jeff, Marvin’s Dad, is thankful for the many blessings given us: ‘Love of my family, good health, my job when so many others are out of work, our home and for the football games on TV this afternoon…’”
–Tom Armstrong, MARVIN

“Lois is thankful for having a civilized meal at the dining room table instead of sitting in front of the TV. Trixie is thankful that she can get up at the crack of dawn because it’s ‘sunbeam savings time.’ Dot likes having a couple of extra days to get ahead on her homework. Ditto is thankful that the kids in the neighborhood come over for a big game of touch football in the back yard. Chip thinks the leftover turkey sandwiches are awesome. And Hi thinks the Flagstons are lucky to be living in the greatest country on earth!”
–Brian Walker, HI & LOIS

And of course, here at DailyINK, we’re thankful for the amazing cartoonists whose make us laugh every day and for all our loyal DailyINK fans.

…and our pets.

A very happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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