Vintage Madness

Over the course of seven weeks, eight comics went head to head, panel to panel in VINTAGE MADNESS, DailyINK’s first bracket-style competition.

Our FINAL match-up was heated. The funny Flagstons of HI AND LOIS scraped out a victory over JUDGE PARKER in a really close finish! Dik Browne’s HI AND LOIS of the 1950’s now joins DailyINK’s Vintage lineup, thanks to all of you voters who appreciate real classics of American comics. BUT, since the voting in the last heat was so close, we realize there is a lot of crestfallen JUDGE PARKER supporters out there. So we’ve opted to let his Honor hold court as well in the Vintage section. After all, we’re here to have fun with vintage comics!

Each match-up was covered on Wednesdays in the “Ask the Archivist” blog post on  

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