Crash the Westminster Dog Show!

The 137th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show starts next Monday, and we demand they recognize the Cartoon Dog category!

Help us crash the show by casting your choice for DailyINK's "Best in Show" in the poll below, and then tweeting to @WKCDOGS with the hashtag #CartoonDogs! You can also post to the Westminster Dog Show's Facebook page here. Include a link to this page or better yet, share your favorite from the comic links below.

It's easy to share your favorite animal-inspired comics  - simply use the Twitter share button on the right-hand side of your favorite pet-themed strip. And you don't even have to be a subscriber. Of course we hope you'll stick around to enjoy DailyINK year round, so click here for a free trial.

Read through these descriptions of our top dogs, and then vote for the pick of the litter on the right hand side of this page! Follow us on Facebook and visit the DailyINK blog where we will announce the winner on Wednesday, February 13th.

Otto from Beetle Bailey

Sarge’s canine sidekick first appeared in 1956 but didn’t get a regulation Army uniform until 1969.

See a favorite Otto comic here.

Daisy from Blondie

Lovable, gentle Daisy is often pictured snuggling on the couch or lazing at the feet of her owners, Blondie and Dagwood Bumstead.

See a favorite Daisy comic here.

Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog

Bleeker is a different breed of dog altogether. He can play fetch and do tricks like any other dog … but only after an eight-hour charge.

See a favorite Bleeker comic here.


Buckles, displays all the charm, innocence, naivete and cunning of a small child discovering how to find his way through life.

See a favorite Buckles comic here.

Ruff from Dennis the Menace

Ruff is Dennis's ungainly but amiable canine of uncertain ancestry whose characteristics include large paws, stringy ears and lots of long hair.

See a favorite Ruff comic here.

Barfy from Family Circus

Barfy (named by the kids, of course) follows the family around and keeps fellow household animals Sam and Kittycat company.

See a favorite Barfy comic here.

Sam from Family Circus

Sam, a rescued stray, also follows the kids around and keeps up with fellow household animals Barfy and Kittycat company.

See a favorite Sam comic here.

Snert from Hägar the Horrible

Hägar's dog is as rumpled and harassed as his Viking owner.


See a favorite Hägar comic here.

Smiley from Hazel

Smiley is the kids' spoiled-rotten St. Bernard.


See a favorite Smiley comic here.

Dusty from Henry

Henry’s loveable and quiet animal companion.


See a favorite Dusty comic here.

Dawg from Hi and Lois

This fun-loving family pet does his best to add to the general chaos of the Flagston family life.

See a favorite Dawg comic here.

Andy from Mark Trail

Mark's favorite wilderness companion is Rusty's best friend, too. In true St. Bernard tradition, Andy has rescued Mark from danger on many occasions!

See a favorite Andy comic here.

Bitsy from Marvin

The family mutt “tolerates” Marvin and considers him to be his intellectual inferior.

See a favorite Bitsy comic here.

Junior from Marvin

Grandma and Grandpa’s plant-chewing, trash-dumping, mail-carrier-chasing, angry little Schnauzer.

See a favorite Junior comic here.

Bowser from Moose and Molly

Bowser is supposed to be the family watchdog, but the only thing he watches for is breakfast, lunch and dinner.

See a favorite Bowser comic here.

Grimmy from Mother Goose & Grimm

Grimmy believes that garbage cans are a personal invitation to a nine-course banquet, the primary function of a car is to be chased, and toilets are large, convenient water bowls.

See a favorite Grimmy comic here.

Earl from Mutts

Earl is a small mutt with a big heart, who cheerfully tugs at the leash on the walk of life. He is Mooch’s innocent friend, as well as a witness to and reluctant participant in his antics.

See a favorite Earl comic here.

Stripe from Tiger

Named by Punkinhead because he has "round stripes" (more commonly known as spots). Every kid needs a faithful dog by his side.

See a favorite Stripe comic here.

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